Company History:

Apple Furniture Manufacturing Company was established in 1981 and has over 40 years of experience. It started its operations under the supervision of skilled engineers, employing modern scientific methods. The company has consistently strived to produce high-quality furniture that combines beauty and functionality, particularly focusing on sofa-bed designs. Over the years, it has enhanced product quality based on feedback from valued customers. Its products are unmatched in quality compared to both foreign and domestic counterparts, as evidenced by valid certifications from various national and international organizations.

Biography of the CEO, Seyed Mohammad Mir Taheri:

Seyed Mohammad Mir Taheri graduated from Texas State University, USA, with a degree in Civil Engineering. He is a member of the Engineering Organization and holds a professional engineering license (Level 1) for designing and calculating structures, prefabricated houses, and furniture. He is an official member of the Furniture Exporters’ Union and has received numerous commendations and certificates of appreciation from various entities, including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and local authorities. He successfully obtained ISO certifications from the USA and UK.


Superior product design, calculations, and execution under the supervision of experienced engineers.
Guarantees and after-sales services.
Prompt delivery of orders.
Numerous distributors nationwide for easy access.
Insurance certificate covering product liability from Iran Insurance.
Welding process certification and inspection.


Industrial ownership registration number 140004 from the Industrial Ownership Office.
Member of the Furniture Exporters’ Union for home and office furniture.
Member of the Chamber of Commerce and Mines Industries of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
ISO 9001 certification from the UK.
ISO 9002 certification from the USA.
First recipient of ISO 10004 certificate for quality management and customer satisfaction in the furniture industry from the UK.
Selected company with export potential by the Furniture Exporters’ Union.
Awarded the Oak Trophy as the top brand by the Iranian Furniture Association.
Selected as a domestic model producer in the National Production Year by Iran’s National Industries Development.
Several certificates of appreciation from international exhibitions such as HOFEX & MEDEX, Ministry of Commerce, local authorities, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Export Development Workgroup of Non-Oil Exports in Pakdasht County.
This comprehensive overview highlights the impressive journey and achievements of Apple Furniture Manufacturing Company and its CEO, demonstrating their commitment to excellence and innovation in the furniture industry.